This site is dedicated to all those at MED Airways that fly on the CRJ.

The CRJ200LR is the latest addition to the MED Airways fleet of airplanes. Previously known as "Flying Carpet", MED Airways now owns 2 x B737-200, 1 x CRJ-200, and 1 x SA227 (Metro 3).

The CRJ adventure started back in November 2008:

Initial Cockpit Crew Training in CST Berlin at the Lufthansa Cityline facility in Germany

We received delivery of the airplane on the 31st of May 2008:

Right:     a photo of the airplane on
its way to Beirut.   Landing
in the Netherlands to refuel. 


Left:   a photo of the airplane on day 1 in Beirut.
           This same day the CRJ crew completed base
         training: A few approaches, takeoffs & landing.

On June 16th 2008, we began line training.

We flew non-stop, daily, two flights per day. We took passengers to Baghdad, Erbil, Suleimania, Cairo, Alexandria, Jeddah, Riyad, Kuwait, Baku, and other destinations. The airplane completed over 1000 hours of flying in less than seven months.

The CRJ became the pride and joy of the company!

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